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The World Within


The World Within

Label: Melting Records

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Haling from Athens, Greece, Moderator has been producing his brand of cinematic beats since 2012. His 2015 debut album The World Within established Moderator as a serious player on the Greek downtempo/trip-hop scene, earning fans and radio support.

Melting Records is excited to add Moderator to its ever-growing roster, and commemorates the occasion with a wide reissue of The World Within. The album is a classic-in-waiting, and this remastered and extended release aims to introduce the songs a new legion of global fans. The World Within also appears on vinyl for the first time.

The World Within’s tracks are the soundtrack to a foggy, winter day, its beats wrapped in layers of dark ambience, echoing guitars, and melodies beamed in through a time warp. Romantic and haunting, This World Within evokes a hidden nostalgia, seemingly played off ragged reel-to-reel tapes and dusty thrift store turntables. Highlights include the haunting “Blind You With My Spell”, beautifully sung by Jeanette Robertson and featuring a guest rap from Witness. It’s simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. “Harlem River” also demands attention, a mesmerizing retake of an original by Kevin Morby. Its combination of tough beats and vivid dreaminess is sublime. This mixture and Moderator’s expertise can be heard through the entire album.

Moderator’s The World Within delivers the goods to beat blazers, audio connoisseurs, and space travelers alike. Enjoy this magnificent sound, brought to you by the crew at Melting Records