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The Thread That Keeps Us


The Thread That Keeps Us

Label: City Slang

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The ninth studio album from Calexico, The Thread That Keeps Us is a timely snapshot of the Arizona-bred band: a family portrait capturing their stylistic variety and unpredictability while still finding solace in limitless creativity. In bringing the album to life, vocalist/guitarist Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino found a spiritual home in unusual surroundings—not in Arizona, but on the Northern California coast in a home-turned-studio called the Panoramic House. Built from debris and shipyard-salvaged timber—and dubbed “The Phantom Ship” by the band—the grandiose house and its edgeof-the-world-like ambience soon made their way into the songs.

The specter of California also had a powerful effect: as both dream state and nightmare, its infinite duality is mirrored in the music, giving Calexico a new direction and new edge. With less polish and more grit than ever before, The Thread That Keeps Us both honors enduring traditions and reveals Calexico’s confidence in songwriting, ultimately setting a whole new standard for the band.
Limited 2LP Deluxe/LP - LP1
A1. End of the World with You
A2. Voices in the Field
A3. Bridge to Nowhere
A4. Spinball
A5. Under the Wheels
A6. The Town & Miss Lorraine
A7. Flores y Tamales
A8. Another Space
B1. Unconditional Waltz
B2. Girl in the Forest
B3. Eyes Wide Awake
B4. Dead in the Water
B5. Shortboard
B6. Thrown to the Wild
B7. Music Box Tracklist

Limited 2LP Deluxe LP2
C1. Longboard
C2. Luna Roja
C3. Curse of the Ride
C4. Inside the Energy Field
D1. Lost Inside
D2. End of the Night
D3. Dream on Mount Tam