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London Taximi

Cooper Mike & Stamou Tasos

London Taximi

Label: Coherent States

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Clear cassette with white imprint. Comes in regular jewel case and 4pp 150g paper covers. Limited to 75 hand-numbered copies.

Taximi is the improvisation during the performance of traditional musical pieces, using soloistic folk instruments. It has roots in the eastern Mediterranean and Arabic culture and can be commonly found in Greek music and specifically in rebetiko. Taximi is a free rhythm melody, an author's imagination, alternating between various emotional paths with a passion respective to each one who carries it. The main prerequisite in order to play a taximi is not to have excellent technical knowledge, but rather to deposit your soul. You could say that at this point, rebetiko seems much similar to improvised music. And when that singular sound of rebetiko is embellished by a vast range of sonic influences starting from the blues, traditional music, instrumental exotica and ends in electroacoustic / free improv fields alongside distinctive electronic manipulation, it is certain that we are talking about an experiment moving on the fringes of unexplored improvisation, perhaps pushing them even further. And if you asked us to guess which people are responsible for that, the name of Mike Cooper would certainly be the first to come to mind.