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Sonic Dawn
Into The Long Night (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Rock / Pop
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Into the Long Night is the second album by The Sonic Dawn, one of the most remarkable bands to come out of the new psychedelic wave in Denmark. Just a few seconds into this album, you will realize that you are in for a mind altering experience.
“It’s a trip! By taking the listeners to places they didn’t expect to go, we hope to make them aware – that they’ll stop up and think about life for a minute. Awareness is the first step to change in the world,” says Emil Bureau (guitar/vocals).
To achieve the dramatic changes of mood and feeling that The Sonic Dawn excel at, they mix a wide range of styles, from jazzy sitar pop to heavy acid rock. A pleasant-sounding analog production makes the album easy to approach, not to water it down, but rather to pull the unsuspecting listener into the deep.

Black vinyl.

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