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Label: Fuzz Overdose

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Limited repress, 200 copies, white vinyl.

The Mongrelettes is a new’n’cool garage band hailing from Athens, Greece & powered by a line up with four gals & one
guy! An almost all-female combo, featuring Marika Yé Yé: Lead vocals, percussion, theremin, harmonica, acoustic guitar,
Mariloo: Fuzz guitar, backing vocals, Calamity: Bass, Silver Bruise: Drums, percussion, backing vocals & Titto Mongrel:
Farfisa Organ.
Influenced by various 60’s garage & psych pioneers bridging all the hot stuff from the past to the now sound of!!! Their first
fabulous 7” EP came out in 2011 via Fuzz Overdose Records, got lot of positive feedback and is out of print!!! So far, they
gigged with some cool bands like The Magnificent brotherhood, The Stems, The Fuzztones, Movie Star Junkies, TheFall,
Their debut full-length is out now captures the band at their finest hour, including an awesome opening organ-garage tune
called it “I’ll Cry Over You”, packed with a catchy & upbeat feeling!! “Baby Who Knows”, plus “Wait Another Day”, are great
moody-garage-winners for your next garageshutdown!!!
“You’ll Never Fall” & “I’am The One” are fine revved-up garage pounders with a “relaxed” teenattitude, uplifting your
day’n’night!!! “What’s Going On” is an ace track and one of my big faves, starts like a garage-beat tune & then transformed
into a real garage-punkadelic masterpiece with interesting tempo changes, reminds me the Ill Wind with a speed on, meet
the Hunger’s upside-down compositions, haunted by an ampheta-Californian feeling!!! “I Never Told You”, & “Shallow
Love” are groovie & organ-fuzzed-up stompers, for sure you’ll dig them to the max, the cool’n’mutated cover of The New
Wing’s ’68 anthem “I Need Love” will drive you crazy, while “Moments” is a moody-psychedelic-pop ballad with
drivin’n’cryin’ melody!! “Never Come My Way”, an instant-garage-shaking-hit, liqueuring your next drunken party! Last but
not least, “It’s Over” reach the climax, a trippy garage-pop-psychedelic tune at garagedelic velocity, focusing on
sweet’n’acid harmonies, Marika’s right-on-target vocals, theremin, an
“endless-journey-swirlin’-farfisa", as well bass & drums interchange, with lysergic guitar feedbackin’ your mind!!! A real
masterpiece!!! Without a doubt, The Mongrelettes are here to stay, they’ve won their personal battle between
dreams’n’nightmares, the Greek true-harsh reality, creating their garage-punk-psych-pop dream come true! An absolutely
essential release, a great debut that will just blow you away!!!