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The False Foundation


The False Foundation

Label: Dangervisit

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Speaking about the self-produced new album, founding member Darius Keeler said “I think just knowing that we were working on our tenth album made this one feel like a landmark record. Our history as a collective has been a mad journey, we’ve trodden such a strange path to arrive at where we are today, and I think in a way that informed the new record and emboldened us to make what is probably the Archive album that I’m most proud of to date”.<br /><br />Talking about the genesis of the album title Keeler says; “People are going to read in to who or what The False Foundation is I guess, but they’re going to have to draw their own conclusions. I have my own take on it, let’s just say there are a lot of potential candidates out there in the world today.”