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The Nightly Disease


The Nightly Disease

Label: Music On Vinyl

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The Nightly Disease was very eagerly anticipated in Norway and Germany. It is the second album by the Norwegian Alternative Rock band Madrugada, originally released in 2001. A large amount of record buyers went crazy for Madrugada after hearing their 1999 debut album Industrial Silence.

Madrugada, however, chose quite differently; they returned with this ultra-bleak record. And for the better of it: this is a much better and more consistent album than their debut. The lyrics are more poetic, the songs are much more diverse, and the production is wonderfully dirty, giving the record a rather dangerous aura.

Madrugada has taken elements of the best bits from their past, for example, the beautifully dark "A Deadend Mind", and combined them with a new rawness and energy found in "Nightly Disease Part II".