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Tilbury On Cloves


Label: Dead Scarlet

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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<p><strong>Having existed since 1994, Tilbury on Cloves never seemed to be a part of the Athens underground, as basically the latter does not even exist. A five- piece at their first steps stormed the gig halls with their often- than-usual appearances. Their first single «And the sea will touch the clouds» was a participation to the «Live Studio» compilation and was released in 1996. Various appearances at local-and- throughout- Greece festivals came to strengthen the mucical approach of the band, until the tragic death of their bassist, in December 1999. From then, Tilbury on Cloves appear to be a duo (Chris: vocals, bass, programming/ Vlassis: guitars, electronics, drum machine) with various releases, starting from 2001 with the split 7" «Evertry» along with Ma Cherie for Painting (Kontakt Series- Pop Art records) and continuing with their contribution to the compilations of various Greek fanzines (Sense:«Aggravation», Overdub:«Rolling», Flux:«Isn't so far»). In 2003, Tilbury on Cloves were a support act to the legendary Chameleons and appeared on the first Synthpop Avenue compilation with the song «Not Understood». One year later, they released their first self- titled work (although it consisted of recordings from 2000 and 2001) on the danish label BSBTA alongside with the single «Innocence». In 2006, Tilbury on Cloves participated in the Audiobook 1: Songs within the borders compilation with the song «Everlast» and released their second full- length album «The blindshow» on the Greek indepedent label<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>dead scarlet records.</strong></a></strong></p>