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The Perfect Enemy For God

Underground Youth

The Perfect Enemy For God

Label: Fuzz Club

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Repress of The Underground Youths sixth studio LP The Perfect Enemy for God. The album showcasing a clear influence of post-punk and shoegaze, the record feels lethargic in the best way as reverb-soaked vocals and whimsical harmonies blur over jangly, shimmering guitars to tell a bittersweet story. It’s easy to get lost in this record as you find yourself being thrown between the dark, longing corners of one track – such as “Tokyo Blue’s” forlorn guitars and eerie harmonies – and the upbeat pop sensibilities of others – like “Rodion’s” jingle-esque melody. Produced by Dyer himself, the incredible production of this album heightens its allure as copious amounts of reverb, harmonies, and perfect use of dynamics send you into a dreamy haze from the first listen.

The Perfect Enemy for God is being repressed onto 180g heavy ultra-clear vinyl (700 copies) and 1000 CDs.