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Atomizer - Vinyl Reissue

Big Black

Atomizer - Vinyl Reissue

Label: Touch And Go

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Big Black was started by Steve Albini in 1982 while he was attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. ‘Lungs’, the first Big Black release, was recorded by Steve on a borrowed 4-track. He played everything on the EP himself, except the sax bleating courtesy of pal John Bohnen and the drums courtesy of Roland. Soon after, Steve recruited Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun) on bass and Santiago Durango (also Naked Raygun) joined them on guitar.
In 1983, together with live drummer Pat Byrne, they recorded the ‘Bulldozer’ EP. By 1984, the band had done some touring and recorded the ‘Racer X’ EP and the start of the ‘Il Duce’ 7”. After that, Jeff returned to Naked Raygun and was replaced by Dave Riley.
In 1985, Big Black recorded their first full-length, ‘Atomizer’, as well as finishing the ‘Il Duce’ 7”. ‘Atomizer’ was released in 1986 along with the release of the ‘Hammer Party’ compilation CD.
In 1987, the ‘Headache’ EP and ‘Heartbeat’ 7” were released. That same year, the band recorded and released the 7” of ‘The Model’ / ‘He’s A Whore’ as well as their second full-length album, ‘Songs About Fucking’. They toured extensively (for Big Black) and they broke up.
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