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Everything Is Shit: Punk In Brussels 1977-79

Various Artists

Everything Is Shit: Punk In Brussels 1977-79

Label: Sub Rosa

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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<p>An incredible energy took over Brussels at the onset of the Eighties. It is a strange and rare feeling when you tell yourself that something is happening. And it always happens through an accumulation of very small facts. Then, suddenly, it is there. This collection basically attempts to capture this emerging will. But before that, there was punk rock. In Brussels, it was a handful of venues, improvised concerts, a few dozens of people recognizing each other, and a festival that gathers everyone: the First Belgian Punk Contest, at the Vieux Saint-Job, on 18 March 1978. Although the influence is coming from up north - The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Crass, essentially - there are also ties with Paris (Asphalt Jungle,Métal Urbain), and Phallus Band, Streets, H2SO4 are singing in French.The adventure begins in the winter of 1976, and the next two years will yield most of the material. Since these bands had very short lifespans, there were a lot of interactions (Chainsaw, X-Pulsion, Streets), while other configurations gave birth to key bands of the next decade: Digital Dance (out of X-Pulsion and Thrills), Snowy Red (from Chainsaw), The Names (The Passengers), Pseudocode (from Thrills).</p>
<p>01/Chainsaw-Kill in the Blanks 02/Chainsaw-Nuclear Apocalypse 03/Chainsaw-What Goes On 04/Chainsaw-Z'heroes Guts 05/X-Pulsion-Heaven Only Knows 06/X-Pulsion - Schmucks/Castration 07/Thrills - Enigmatic Body  08/Thrills - Negative Reaction 09/Thrills - No Pity for the Pigs 10/Thrills - Negative Reaction (live) 11/Thrills - No Pity for the Pigs (live) 12/Thrills - Everything is Shit (live) 13/ Mad Virgins - FŠ & Suck 14/Mad Virgins - I am a Computer 15/Phallus Band - J'ai perdu mon phallus 16/Phallus Band - Les sadiques 17/Terminal stupid 18/Terminal Stupid 19/ H2 SO4 -Vengeance 20/H2 SO4 - TV Killer 21/ Streets - Leopard Man 22/ Streets - Matricule 84 23/Streets - Police Control 24/ Isabelle et les Nics - Nacs Covergirl Love 25/ Isabelle et les Nics – Situation 26/The Actors - Lost Emotions 27/The Actors - Nothing in my Head 28/The Passengers - All through the Night  29/ Raxola - 84's Man 30/Raxola - Wait for the War 31/Raxola - Steal It 32/ Raxola - Thalidomide Child.</p>
<p>side 1 01/ X-Pulsion - Heaven Only Knows 1'35 02/ Chainsaw - What Goes On 1'43 03/ Thrills- Enigmatic Body 2'01 04/ Mad Virgins - FŠ & Suck 2'06 05/ Phallus Band - J'ai perdu mon phallus 2'16 06/ H2 SO4 -Vengeance 1'21 07/ Streets - Leopard Man 2'21 08/ The Actors -Nothing in my Head 2'39 09/ Raxola- 84's Man 2'58 10/ X-Pulsion- Schmucks / Castration 1'55</p>
<p>side 2 01/ Thrills - Everything is Shit (live) 1'38 02/ Chainsaw - Z'heroes Guts 1'35 03/ Mad Virgins- I am a Computer 2'14 04/ Phallus Band - Les sadiques 3'22 05/ Isabelle et les Nics-Nacs Situation 2'55 06/ The Passengers - All through the Night 3'04<br />07/ Streets- Police Control 1'59 08/ Raxola - Thalidomide Child 6'12</p>