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Space Mirror

Camden Ken

Space Mirror

Label: Kranky

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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* This is the second solo album from Ken Camden who lives and works in Chicago. He also plays in the Implodes sound quartet. 

* Space travel is the dream of many and the reality of few. Since Yuri Gagarin first shed the bonds  of earth gravity in 1961, only about 500 humans have made the trip beyond the atmosphere.

* Ken Camden travels to space while still grounded on terra firma. His vessel of choice is a guitar  and some effects with which he journeys on fantastical expeditions and surveys the biggest territory of all, the one between your ears.

* The glimmering sound fields he forms could be a soundtrack to an epic 60ʼs science-fiction film,  or a long forgotten grade school educational film strip explaining how humans would be living on Mars early in the 21st century.

* Camdenʼs narrative rejects the dominant dystopian view of the future and posits that there are  great voyages yet to be made in inner and outer space.

* The album forms a gravity-free environment in which the listener is suspended, enhancing an  aural excursion to the outer reaches of the musical Kosmos.