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Retrospective 1998-2005

Le Syndicat Electronique

Retrospective 1998-2005

Label: Disorder

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Limited edition of 500 copies! This double-album offers a selection of the finest LSE from the powerfull first 12inch "Defending Man" to the rather experimental LP "Lebenspo*nografie O.S.T." in 2005 - Both rare and highly sought after! LSE might sound harsh and unpolished after the first listen, but give it a second chance and then you'll realize that this guy is an absolute genius! A\\ has definitly set the tone for the Electro/New Wave-revival. The influence is apparent in so many's music right now! LSE and a number of sideprojects are the forerunners of this whole genre, without a doubt.