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Annick / Philomela

Sister Overdrive

Annick / Philomela

Label: Low Impedance

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Sister Overdrive (aka Giannis Kotsonis) presents ‘Annick/Philomela’, a collection of two pieces, each split into five distinct parts. ‘Annick’ is an immersive journey made up of metallic noises, drones, distorted crescendos and screaming harmonics. Like an eerie night walk filtered through a fuzz pedal, it moves from subliminal hums to pretty mesmerizing surges of noise. Its sibling ‘Philomela’ (originally composed as a theatre piece) is darker and yet warmer at the same time, making beautiful use of processed instrumentation, along with field samples and deep (quite deep) pulsations. Kotsonis has crafted music of a very particular kind that will reward the listener: surrendering is the key.