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Fall Among Thieves


Fall Among Thieves

Label: Glitterhouse

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Baskery is Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson, three Swedish sisters who have been sharing stages since ten years now. Logging on to Baskery’s MySpace page, the band describes their sound as “high voltage”, “killbilly”, “banjopunk”, and “mud-country”. Albeit tongue in cheek descriptions, they exemplify the fact that this trio that hails from Stockholm, Sweden doesn’t play by anyone’s rules when it comes to creating a sound that is pure and unique and not bound to a specific genre. Baskery is a band that is right in time, killer musicians with distinctive character. The Bondesson sisters evoke a rebellious, unafraid attitude that is more punk than most of their contemporaries that play roots infused music. Their incendiary sound is ignited by Greta’s six string distorted slide banjo playing, all while providing beats with her feet on kick and snare, Sunniva’s emotive twangy vocals and frenetic rhythm guitar playing and Stella’s hard driving slap driven upright bass. All this is further highlighted by their tight vocal harmonies. A combination of alternative country, blues and rock and roll, their emotive sound is reminiscent of a jam taking place in a dusty saloon in Tennessee between Johnny Cash, an acoustic blues Led Zeppelin with the Andrew Sisters sweetening the pot with the melody on top. Their debut album, “Fall Among Thieves” is produced by Lasse Mårtén (Peter Bjorn and John, Lykke Li, Pink) at Decibel Studios in Stockholm. The album was recorded the same way albums used to be recorded in places like Sun Studios and Muscle Shoals, where getting the perfect live take in the studio was essential to capturing the emotional essence of a song. No overdubs were done- all playing is live and what you hear is what was recorded just like being there in the front row of one of the band’s truly electrifying performances. Although Baskery’s hard driving honky tonk has people leaving shows amped and in a frenzy, their softer tracks give you something to think about. Such profound and beautifully melodic songs such as “The Wise” and “The Brave” (which incidentally are different versions of the same track that start and end the album), have lyrics that paint pictures of social consciousness and give the listener something to escape to while coming down from tracks such as “One Horse Down”, “Here to Pay My Dues” and “Haunt You”, which go straight for the jugular. In essence, Baskery is all about putting on a killer show. The material on their debut album enables them to do that. When it comes to live performances, the band members enjoy themselves on various kinds of stages, from smaller clubs to outdoor festivals and it is all about putting on a killer show. Baskery’s touring always generates numbers of ecstatic live reviews, maybe due to the band’s excellent combination of skilful performing and a rebellious outlook. Since the album was released in Sweden, May 2008, Baskery has successfully toured Ireland, Sweden, Canada, U.S.A, Denmark and Norway. Although fairly new as a band, Baskery is a natural progression for the Bondesson sisters from their former band The Slaptones, a rockabilly outfit which featured the same line up but with dad Jan on drums. Signed to EMI, the group released 2 albums and toured with The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Baskery will confess that their new band has given them a new voice to express themselves and feel that they’ve come into their own artistically. They are grateful for all the experiences life has thrown their way and look forward to the road ahead on this exciting musical journey. Look out for Baskery at some hang-out/saloon/pub or club near you…