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Label: Low Impedance

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Qebo return after a long pause, with their second installment entitled “Wroln” and this is a release to look out for… Carefully structured electronics meet their counterparts in the visual arts, composed in an enhanced CD. Once again, the exploit of the glitch aesthetics move Qebo one step forward, revealing segments of deranged beats and suppressed melodies. This exploration takes place in a fully controlled environment, which is breathing through its’ selected tracks and videos, created by VJ-ing enthusiasts Threepixels, Effekts and Anthony Squizzato. “Wroln” balances dangerously into over-stretched territories using the occasional improvisation element, but the warm atmospheres are there to assist its’ journey through the unearthly world, that Qebo have so intensely crafted.